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The benefit to your organization is simple…an enhanced employee benefit at no cost. Providing a strong benefit package to your employees is not only expensive, but often necessary in recruiting and retaining a quality workforce. Increasing an employee’s benefit package can directly increase their morale.

Are financial questions and concerns distracting your employees on company time?

At Community Choice Credit Union, our goal is to provide a benefit to your employees by being a valuable resource to address their financial questions and concerns on their own time.

Business Partners
Since 1953, Community Choice Credit Union (CCCU) has been known for providing exceptional financial products and service to its members. CCCU is developing business partners with the sole purpose of establishing itself as a benefit package enhancement. Business Partners are companies and organizations that partner with CCCU to provide superior financial options, solutions, and education to eligible employees and their families.

CCCU offers:
· Added benefits at no cost
· Affordable financial services
· Easy access to financial information
· Exclusive specials and discounts to your employees
· Highly customized benefit program based on YOUR needs assessment of your company. YOU can customize this program to maximize the benefit to your company

As a company you have providers that are looking out for your employees’ physical well being…why not provide them with a FREE resource for their complete financial well being?