No monthly account service charge! As a Community Choice Credit Union member, you won't pay a single penny in service charges no matter what balance you maintain or how many checks you write.

Community Choice also offers overdraft protection for your checking account. If a check or withdrawal is presented for payment and you don't have the money to cover it in your checking account, money will automatically be transferred from your savings to checking. See our schedule of fees for overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees.

VISA® Check Card

When you open your account, you will be issued a Visa® Check Card with your Checking account that can be used at ATMs or at merchants that accept Visa.
Community Choice Credit Union is the place for your personal Checking account.

The Community Choice Credit Union Visa® Check Card is your ATM card and checkbook all rolled into one. With your Visa® Check Card, we are as close as the corner store. You can make deposits to, withdrawals from, and transfers between your CCCU Savings and Checking accounts at ATMs located in shopping malls, grocery stores, financial institutions, and anywhere you see the Shazam or Cirrus logos*. The Visa® Check Card also lets you use the money in your Checking account without writing a check. You can use your card for purchases like a credit card anywhere you see the Visa® symbol; the only difference is the money is deducted from your Checking account. Using your Visa® Check Card is faster and easier than writing a check and you won't need to show additional identification. It is also safer than carrying cash and is accepted worldwide! Community Choice Credit Union Visa® Check Card provides a World of Convenience!

* Deposits can only be made in an ATM in the State of Iowa.

To report a lost or stolen credit card or VISA® Check Card
during business hours call: (515) 334-8133

After business hours call: (855) 341-4650

When calling after-hours, please follow-up with a call to Community Choice Credit Union the next business day to verify the block.

Be sure to write down your credit card numbers and keep them in a secure, safe place so that you have them in the event that your cards are lost or stolen outside of business hours. Remember: Do not write your PIN numbers on your cards.