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NEW Rewards Program

Every time you use the card, you'll earn 1% cash back on net purchases posted during the cycle quarter.  (purchases minus any credits or returns).  Minimum amount of purchases to qualify in a cycle quarter is $3,000.00. Purchase calculation is reset to zero each cycle quarter.  The following items will not earn reward: cash advances, transferred balances, any checks used to access your account, finance charges, fees of any kind, service charges, unauthorized charges and ATM transactions. Cycle quarter is determined by the billing date over a three month period.The reward is posted as a credit to your balance quarterly.   To receive your reward credit, your account must be open and in good standing, which means it isn't past due, fraudulent, restricted, part of a consumer credit counseling program or in a bankruptcy settlement.  Accounts closed prior to cycle quarter will forfeit rewards payout.Community Choice has the Card and Terms You Need.
CCCU offers Visa®, MasterCard® and Visa® Platinum Credit Cards with a low variable annual percentage rate and no annual fee. With worldwide recognition and acceptance of these cards, you can use your CCCU credit card at over seven million locations around the world.

The possibilities are endless with your Community Choice Credit Union Visa or MasterCard. You'll have unbeatable purchasing power day or night, because your CCCU Visa or MasterCard is accepted virtually everywhere to pay for almost anything. Shop over the Internet or by phone, either way, with your Visa or MasterCard you can go anywhere! You can also get cash instantly worldwide. You are eligible to receive $250,000 travel insurance free. This insurance coverage is automatically in effect for you and your family members when you use your CCCU Visa or MasterCard to charge tickets on any common carrier.

Apply for a CCCU credit card today!