Board of Directors

Control of Community Choice Credit Union and its management is in the hands of our members. Once a year our members elect the Board of Directors at the annual meeting. Each primary member gets one vote, regardless of the number of shares they own. One person, one vote means control and direction of the credit union is not based on the financial resources of a few members, but on the needs of the entire membership.

Our Board members serve on the Board of Directors on a volunteer basis. Board members must be primary account holders over the age of 18. All Board members attend the monthly Board meetings and actively serve on two or three standing committees. They also attend credit union-related workshops and special meetings, and actively promote the credit union.

Your current Board of Directors are:

Name/Title Department Term Ends

Jay Brewer



Joel Gabrielson
Vice Chair

Department of Revenue 2018

LeAnn Stout

Department of Revenue

Mike Koschmeder
Telligan 2017
Lori McClannahan Department of Administrative Services 2017
G. Dean Austin Retired 2019
Brian Farrell
Athena GTX 2019
Bruce Kempkes Justice 2018
Ken Zinkula Department of Administrative Services 2019
Kathleen Martinsen Mercy Medical Center 2018
Heather Davidson Department of Human Services 2017
Leann Boswell Department of Revenue 2017
Lori Arriola Microsoft 2018

Management Staff

Name Title Office Phone Number
Roger Reiser President/CEO Admin Bldg (515) 334-8100
Wayne Johann Senior Vice President, Lending Admin Bldg (515) 334-8100
Josh Cook Chief Operating Officer (COO) Admin Bldg (515) 334-8100
Tim Wallen Vice President, Operations Admin Bldg (515) 344-8100
Dave Jordan Vice President, Mortgages Clive (515) 270-7346
Erik Sorensen Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Admin Bldg (515) 334-8100
Brian Curtin Vice President, Business Services Johnston (515) 334-8155
Karen Gantz Vice President, Credit Cards/IT Admin Bldg (515) 334-8100
Judy Wills Vice President, Human Resources/Training Admin Bldg (515) 334-8100
KC Quick Vice President, Sales & Service Admin Bldg (515) 334-8198
Gary Brown AVP, Consumer Loan Manager Johnston (515) 334-8100
Tim Burnett AVP, Assistant Consumer Loan Manager Johnston (515) 334-8165
Deb Martin Altoona Office Manager Altoona (515) 334-8185
Bill Morehead Ankeny Office Manager Ankeny (515) 251-8020
Azra Niksic Johnston Office Manager Johnston (515) 334-8100
Kristi Chapman Clive Office Manager Clive (515) 225-8225
Brenda Reicherts Downtown Office Manager Des Moines (515) 334-8175
Tiffany Rumelhart Ames Office Manager Ames (515) 233-1526