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Branch Manager - Grimes

Position Summary

Who we are: UNusual. Unexpected. UNbanking. At Community Choice, we are known for thinking differently. We are talented group of misfits made up of travelers, artists, music-lovers, Hawkeyes, Cyclones, former athletes, wannabe athletes, video gamers, shoppers, HGTV watchers and wine sippers. Above all, we are ‘One Team’.

What we are looking for: Accountability to providing delightfully UNexpected member experiences. A passion for building and motivating a high-performance team.

A soul-burning drive to crush established goals. A smile so big that it bumps your ears. A relentless pursuit of working hard to play hard.

Immense desire to deepen financial relationships, leveraging best-in-class UNbanking lending and deposit products and services. One to three years of exceptional experience similar to this ridiculously awesome opportunity.

A UNiquely equipped brain able to simultaneously influence others with a joyful personality, and interpret financial data with superb processing power. A deep hunger to wake, eat, sleep, and breathe the values of UNbanking culture…then repeat.



The process:

  1. You stumble upon this ad.
  2. You determine that you have, in fact, what it takes to work in an amazingly awesome company of culture.
  3. You say to us “Hey, I’m very interested in being the Branch Manager.” Translation: you apply.
  4. We reach out and say, “Cool, can you give us a bit more info?”
  5. You come meet some of our ‘One Team’ teammates.
  6. We say, “You’re hired.”
  7. You tell everyone how awesome life has become!
  8. Your friends and family are simultaneously jealous and happy for you.

If Interested:

Apply Online