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It's Time to Switch 'em All!

Ready to UNbank Your Other Accounts?

We’ve made it Super-Duper Easy!

No one likes to go through the time-consuming and difficult process of changing direct deposits and automatic bill payments. That is why we made it easier than ever with The UNbank ClickSWITCH, our fast & secure online switch tool.


Need to Become an UNbanker First?

We have also made that really easy with our Online Account Opening portal. But if you want, you can always stop into one of our Experience Centers to open an account … because we’d love to see your smiling face!

Once you have your ClickSWITCH account set up, it typically takes less than 10 minutes to set up all of your direct deposit(s) and automatic payments. The best part? Once you submit the information to our digital system, you are done. We do all the hard lifting and process all the needed paperwork!


How Does ClickSWITCH from Community Choice work?

  1. Get a ClickSWITCH Account. The first step is getting your ClickSWITCH account set-up. If you have not already done so, give us a ring at (515) 334-8100 or stop by in person to receive your unique and secure activation code. Once you have that, go to step two!
  2. Log Into Your Personal ClickSWITCH Portal. Select the Switch you want to make (you can do as many as you want), provide some key details, and we will take care of the rest!
  3. There is no step three. Just watch your e-mail inbox for updates on your Switches. If we need anything else or run into any issues, we will contact you!


Other Questions You May Have

How do I get a SwitchTRACK code?

You will receive a SwitchTRACK code once you enroll at a branch. You may also receive your code over the phone if you prefer to start you switching from the comfort of your couch. Please note that if you enroll over the phone, how and if you receive, this code will vary. Also know, this code is not required to move forward with switches.


What is an automatic payment?

This regular, automatic, and ongoing payment is initiated externally to your bank account, such a monthly insurance bill, utility payment, or auto loan payment.


What is a direct deposit?

A direct deposit is any payment that you receive from an organization directly into your bank account. These could include your recurring payroll payments, government direct deposits (like Social Security, Disability, etc.), and dividends from investment accounts.


How long will it take me to submit a SWITCH request?

It typically takes less than 90 seconds to submit a switch for processing.


How long will it take my direct deposit to change?

Your switch will be processed within 24 hours of us receiving the full switch details. From there, it usually takes 5-15 business days to process with the receiving company. Sometimes it is less, sometimes more. It just all depends on their internal process which we have no control over. You can always monitor the status of your switches in your portal.


Do I need to call my HR department or my billers to confirm the switch?

Since we display the status of each switch in your portal, there is no need to contact anyone. If you see a status of “Mailed” in your portal for more than 15 business days, you may want to contact the biller or depositor to confirm the status of your switch request.


Do I have to enter billing information?

It all depends on the company because each individual company has different requirements to confirm your identity and update your information in their system.


Which address do I enter?

We already have a lot of billers and depositors in our system. But if we don’t, please use the address that is indicated on the payment confirmation or statement from the company.


What if I start a switch but don’t have all the required information?

If you are in the middle of a switch and find you don’t have all the required information, just “save” it and come back to it later! Easy peasy!


How will I know that a switch is completed?

You will receive an email when a Switch is completed. You may also log into your ClickSWITCH portal and you will see a status of “Completed” in the status column for al switches which have been approved and processed.


What if my switch isn’t completed and I miss a payment?

Monitoring your switch status is an important part of moving your account. We recommend keeping enough money in your old account to cover each payment until the switch status for that payment has changed to, “Completed.” If, by chance, you do incur any late of NSF fees, we will reimburse you three fees while you complete your switch.


One of my switches has an “Action Needed” status. What does that mean?

Sometimes, after you begin a switch, we determine that more information is needed. When this happens, you will receive an email notifying you that we need more information. You can also log into your ClickSWITCH portal to check the status of all your switches. Any switch that needs more information will show an “Action Needed” status. To see the details of what you need to do to complete the switch, just like the “Edit” icon in the Accounts column.


What is Switch Assist?

This sweet tool allows you to log into your previous financial institution’s online banking account and see your transaction history and will be able to seamlessly submit switches to your new financial institution account.


Can I use ClickSWITCH to switch my bill payments?

Because bill payments are not recurring, you’re not able to use ClickSWITCH for those payments.


I’m still having problems. Who do I contact?

Please contact us at (515) 334-8100 or and we will be happy to personally assist you!