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Supporting Members During COVID-19

Community Choice will be here throughout these UNprecedented Times

As a member-owned organization, we have a proud history of standing by and with our communities. It’s what we’ve done for 67 years and will continue to do as we face this UNique challenge together. In these uncertain times, one thing is certain, we’re here to support you – our fellow UNbankers.


Online & Mobile Banking

Our drive-ups are still open during regular business hours. (As well as our Grimes video teller machine.)

Our ATMs remain available 24/7. Find locations.

With our always-on online and mobile banking, you can handle many of your financial needs including: transfer money, manage savings & deposits, make loan payments, pay bills, deposit checks with your phone, manage your credit cards, and much more.

Need help with a mobile deposit? Check out our tutorial video.


Don't Make a Car Payment for 3 Months

We can help temporatily reduce your monthly burden by not making car payments for 3 months when you move your auto loan to Community Choice.

Moving your loan is free - and for the first three months you don't have to make a single payment. Get the process started in less then 60 seconds.


Get Some Piece of Mind With Your Home's Equity

Tap into the equity you’ve built up in your home with a Home Equity Line of Credit. It's an UNcomplicated process and, unlike other financial institutions, we don't charge closing costs to get this opened for you. Since it’s a line of credit, you can access more of it – whenever you want – right from online banking.

Use your HELOC for anything you need: a car repair, home updates you've been putting off, or getting you through the COVID-19 situation. Get started in less than 60 seconds!


Credit Card: Skip a Payment

Take an Optional PayBreak from your Credit Card Payment Community Choice want to help. Due to hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to offer our valued cardholders an opportunity for relief. May & June credit card payments are now optional. (Please note interest charges will continue to accrue at the normal rate.)

Visa Platinum Cards*
Payment due May 26 OPTIONAL
Payment due June 26 OPTIONAL

Visa Classic and MasterCards*
Payment due June 12 OPTIONAL
Payment due July 12 OPTIONAL

HOW DO I TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPTIONAL PAYMENTS? Easy. Don’t make a payment for May, June, or both.
WHAT IF I DON’T WANT TO SKIP A PAYMENT? No problem. Pay as you normally would.
IF I DON’T PAY MAY OR JUNE, WILL I BE CHARGED A LATE FEE? No way. This is our way of helping our credit card holders during this difficult time. Interest will continue to accrue normally, however.

*If you are set up with autopay, that payment will process normally. Delinquent and over limit accounts are automatically included. Additionally, if you have no balance, this program will not apply to you. Late fees (if used) will not be assessed due to the waived payment; however, if the account is carrying over a previous delinquent balance a fee will be assessed. Also, keep in mind that interest will still accrue during this period and that minimum payment is still automatically posted on the monthly statement.