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Schedule of Fees

Community Choice Credit Union operates under the philosophy of keeping our fees as low as possible. As a member-owner of CCCU, we want you to have affordable access to the financial services you want and need.

As of November 4, 2020


Closing account open less than six months $20.00
Overdraft transfer to checking for ACH $5.00/ea
Check cashing for member with less than $100 savings balance, age 23+, with no other account relationship $5.00/ea
Inactive account* fee $5.00/mo

* If you are age 21 or older with a balance $200 or less in a membership savings account, and with no activity of the prior year, you will be accessed a monthly fee.

Share Draft/Checking

Balance checkbook $20.00†/hr
Check copy (requested via Credit Union) $3.00/ea
NSF honored items $31.00/ea
NSF returned items $31.00/ea
Overdraft transfer from savings for a draft $5.00/ea
Stop payment per item/block of checks $20.00†/ea

Business Checking

Monthly account fee $10.00
Per check fee (check written)(26 and over) $.15/ea
Per check deposit (26 and over) $.10/ea
Cash and coin deposit $.05 per $100
Currency and coin order $.10 per $100
Loose coin counting 5% of the amount

ACH for Employee Payrolls

Set-up fee $50.00
Monthly fee $20.00
Per item $.20

Visa® CheckCard

ATM balance inquiries $1.00/ea
ATM cash withdrawals 6 free, $1.50/ea
ATM deposits N/C
Copy of sales draft $5.00†/ea
Point of sale transaction N/C
Replace lost or stolen card $5.00†/ea
Replace damaged card $5.00†/ea
Replace Image (first image is free) $5.00†/ea
Stop payment $20.00†/ea

Online Banking

Account history statement request N/C
Check copy N/C
Stop payment per item/series $20.00†/ea

VISA® VISA® Platinum and MasterCard®

Annual fee $0.00
Cash Advance 3.0% or $5.00 (whichever is greater)
Late fee $15.00
Return check fee $27.00
Sales draft copy fee $5.00/ea
Statement copy fee $5.00
Replace lost, stolen or damaged card $5.00†
Replace Image (first image is free) $5.00†/ea
Stop payment (VISA cards only) $20.00†/ea

General Services

Account research $20.00‡/hr
Amortization schedule $2.00/ea
Cashiers check $5.00
Check collection $25.00/ea
Current transaction summary (requested via Credit Union) $3.00/ea
Copy of past statement (requested via Credit Union) $5.00/ea
Extra copies of 1099 or W2-P $5.00
Paper statement fee $2.00/ea*
Garnishments/levies $25.00
Gift Card $4.00
Money orders $1.00/ea
Return deposit item $10.00‡/ea
Return mail - 1st month no charge $5.00/mo, 2nd month on
Convenience fee (for loan payments made by VISA/MC/Discover via phone or internet) $5.00/ea
PayBreak - up to 30 days (loans are subject to loan officer approval - limited to three in a 12 month period: maximum of 5 times in life of closed loan) $25.00
Prepaid Visa® Card $8.95
Prepaid Visa® Card monthly maintenance $4.95
Prepaid Visa® Card (reload at CU) $2.00
Subordination agreement (for financial institution other than CCCU) $200.00

* Members under age 18 or seniors 60+ are exempt

Safe Deposit Boxes

3 x 5 x 22 $25.00/yr
5 x 5 x 22 $30.00/yr
3 x 10 x 22 $45.00/yr
5 x 10 x 22 $55.00/yr
10 x 10 x 22 $95.00/yr
Lost key $25.00
Drill box see Department

Wire Transfers

Sending domestic $20.00/ea
Sending international $40.00/ea
Incoming $10.00/ea

External Transfers

Failed transaction (NSF) $25.00
Standard inbound transfer $0.00
Standard outbound transfer $2.00
Express inbound transfer $4.50
Express outbound transfer $4.50
Sent personal payment (P2P) $0.50
Received personal payment (P2P) $0.50


Stop payment ACH $20.00‡/ea
Originate ACH debit from Credit Union $2.00/item/mo
NSF honored items $31.00/ea
NSF returned items $31.00/ea

Coin Counting

$0 - $499.99 N/C
$500 + up 1% of amount

† Sales tax is applicable
‡ Taxable if related to share draft account

Service fees and changes are subject to change as per Credit Union policy. Service charges and fees may be subject to 6% sales tax. We reserve the right to at any time require not less than 7 days notice in writing before each withdrawal from a dividend-bearing account other than a time deposit, or from any other savings account.