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Schedule of Fees

Community Choice Credit Union operates under the philosophy of keeping our fees as low as possible. As a member-owner of CCCU, we want you to have affordable access to the financial services you want and need.

As of May 19, 2020


Closing account open less than six months $20.00
Overdraft transfer to checking for ACH $5.00/ea
Check cashing for member with less than $100 savings balance, age 23+, with no other account relationship $5.00/ea
Inactive account* fee $5.00/mo

* Regular share accounts with less than a $200 balance, with no activity for the prior year, no other account relationships, and age 21 or older shall be subject to a monthly fee.

Share Draft/Checking

Balance checkbook $20.00†/hr
Check copy (requested via Credit Union) $3.00/ea
NSF honored items $31.00/ea
NSF returned items $31.00/ea
Overdraft transfer from savings for a draft $5.00/ea
Stop payment per item/block of checks $20.00†/ea

Business Checking

Monthly account fee $10.00
Per check fee (check written)(26 and over) $.15/ea
Per check deposit (26 and over) $.10/ea
Cash and coin deposit $.05 per $100
Currency and coin order $.10 per $100
Loose coin counting 5% of the amount

ACH for Employee Payrolls

Set-up fee $50.00
Monthly fee $20.00
Per item $.20

Money Market and Mini Money Market Accounts

  • Minimum of $3,000.00 deposit for Mini-Money Market and $10,000.00 deposit for Money Market to open the account.
  • $5.00 charge each time the account balance falls below minimum of $3,000.00/$10,000.00 and $5.00 for each subsequent withdrawal when the balance is less than the minimum deposit.
  • $250.00 minimum withdrawal amount. Withdrawals less than $250.00 are allowed but $5.00 will be charged for each.
  • NSF items, stop payment fees will be charged as per credit union fees disclosure

Community Choice Credit Union reserves the right to refuse any withdrawal or transfer request which is attempted by any method not specifically permitted which is greater in number than the frequency permitted, or which is for an amount less than $250. Should we honor a nonconforming request, repeated abuse of the stated limitations may cause the account to be closed. We reserve the right to require at least seven (7) days notice before any withdrawal or transfer. (We do not now require such notice and will uniformly apply it to all money market accounts if we require it in the future).

Visa® CheckCard

ATM balance inquiries $1.00/ea
ATM cash withdrawals 6 free, $1.50/ea
ATM deposits N/C
Copy of sales draft $5.00†/ea
Point of sale transaction N/C
Replace lost or stolen card $5.00†/ea
Replace damaged card $5.00†/ea
Replace Image (first image is free) $10.00†/ea
Stop payment $20.00†/ea

Online Banking

Account history statement request N/C
Check copy N/C
Stop payment per item/series $20.00†/ea

VISA® VISA® Platinum and MasterCard®

Annual fee $0.00
Cash Advance 3.0% or $5.00 (whichever is greater)
Late fee $15.00
Return check fee $27.00
Sales draft copy fee $5.00/ea
Statement copy fee $5.00
Replace lost, stolen or damaged card $5.00†
Replace Image (first image is free) $5.00†/ea
Stop payment (VISA cards only) $20.00†/ea

General Services

Account research $20.00‡/hr
Amortization schedule $2.00/ea
Cashiers check $5.00
Check collection $25.00/ea
Current transaction summary (requested via Credit Union) $3.00/ea
Copy of past statement (requested via Credit Union) $5.00/ea
Extra copies of 1099 or W2-P $5.00
Paper statement fee $2.00/ea*
Local fax $3.00 + $1.00/ea add'l page
Long distance fax $5.00 + $1.00/ea add'l page
Garnishments/levies $25.00
Money orders $1.00/ea
Return deposit item $10.00‡/ea
Return mail - 1st month no charge $5.00/mo, 2nd month on
Convenience fee (for loan payments made by VISA/MC/Discover via phone or internet) $5.00/ea
PayBreak - up to 30 days (loans are subject to loan officer approval - limited to three in a 12 month period: maximum of 5 times in life of closed loan) $25.00
Subordination agreement (for financial institution other than CCCU) $200.00

* Members under age 18 or seniors 60+ are exempt

Safe Deposit Boxes

3 x 5 x 22 $25.00/yr
5 x 5 x 22 $30.00/yr
3 x 10 x 22 $45.00/yr
5 x 10 x 22 $55.00/yr
10 x 10 x 22 $95.00/yr
Lost key $25.00
Drill box see Department

Wire Transfers

Sending domestic $20.00/ea
Sending international $40.00/ea
Incoming $10.00/ea

External Transfers

Failed transaction (NSF) $25.00
Standard inbound transfer $0.00
Standard outbound transfer $2.00
Express inbound transfer $4.50
Express outbound transfer $4.50
Sent personal payment (P2P) $0.50
Received personal payment (P2P) $0.50


Stop payment ACH $20.00‡/ea
Originate ACH debit from Credit Union $2.00/item/mo
NSF honored items $31.00/ea
NSF returned items $31.00/ea

Coin Counting

$0 - $499.99 N/C
$500 + up 1% of amount

† Sales tax is applicable
‡ Taxable if related to share draft account

Service fees and changes are subject to change as per Credit Union policy. Service charges and fees may be subject to 6% sales tax. We reserve the right to at any time require not less than 7 days notice in writing before each withdrawal from a dividend-bearing account other than a time deposit, or from any other savings account.