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Positively UNordinary Experience for Non-Profits

Our name says all you need to know about our relationship approach: We are Community Choice. Since 1953 we have been serving the community and this Non-Profit Community Checking is the perfect extension of our mission.

The UNbanking team does not just open up accounts for your cause and walk away. Quite the opposite! We prefer to be your partner and support you along the way.

What Makes This UNordinary?

  • We're not a bank. We're a financial partner who believes in community.
  • We take your organization seriously and we are going to have fun while working together.
  • We bring a fresh approach to an old industry.

Non-ProfitCommunityChecking: A simple organizational account with big-time services.

This Non-Profit UNbanking account is perfect for local & regional organizations who desire more than just a place to bank.

  • No minimum balance
  • UNlimited transactions
  • Free debit card
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Reduced TM Fees*
  • Earn Competitive Interest
  • Exposure to CCCU Foundation
  • Exposure for CCCU Employee Volunteer Hours

What is Treasury Management?

As a partner in your success, you will always know who to call for support and advice any day of the year!

But more than that, Treasury Management is our add-on to provide deeper support to your business. We are able to review your entire operation, provide guidance in money-saving systems and operational efficiencies. We also review and strategize a best-in-class approach to fraud prevention for your customers and business.

Now, that's UNbanking!

For details on all potential fees associated with these business products, view our Schedule of Fees and also review our full Disclosure documentation.